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    cc 2015 adding a cover image pixelazation problems

    matthewdee Level 1

      OK I recieved an .indd file from someone which I had to edit in more text, swap images etc. The new version will go to Ingram Sparks but I need to create another version of the file saved as a .pdf this time with the front cover placed on a new page which will be the first in the book and the back cover which is a new page and is the last page in the book.


      Ingram Sparks requires the covers to be sent in a separate .pdf  so that is no worry



      So in order to place the front and back cover images on the new pages for this second pdfI opened the ai file, I had to retrieve the link for the original cover image which is actually a psd of the front spine and back cover.


      Did that and cropped both pics and saved as separate images. I made sure the color is CYMK.


      When I place those photos on the pages I see pixelazation occurring as the font is very blurry and both images have font. I'm not used to doing this with covers any help here I have all the info on resolution as well.