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    how can I make an fixed-layout EPUB have a collapsible TOC?

    JoseBonner Level 1

      I have created a biology textbook in ID, with fully-operative Flash animations, MSO's, and all those other good things.  But -- it contains many chapters and many sub-sections within the chapters.  The "multi-level TOC" option produces a drop-down TOC that takes eons to scroll through.  How can I make it collapsible, so that the chapter titles alone appear in the main list, and the sub-sections open up only after the chapter title has been clicked?  I have some knowledge of unzipping the epub and editing the xhtml, which I must to do insert the Flash animations, and to find the text boxes whose right or bottom borders fail to show up (so I can fix them in AI), but I do not know how to proceed when editing the TOC to make the collapse/expand function workable.  Nor do I find an obvious way to ask ID to set it up this way, which I would have thought would be "obvious" to the ID developers.  Any thoughts?