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    LR & Photoshop Subscription

    jerryp97433002 Level 1

      I currently have Lr5 downloaded on my computer via disc I purchased when it first came out. I plan to purchase the on line subscription from Adobe for $10 a month for Lr & Photoshop, now here is where I have a few questions:


      (1) Should I uninstall LR from my computer before I install the new version along with Photoshop or do it after, or does it just take over & upgrade to Lr6 & my catalogs stay in place? Don't want 2 Lr's on my computer (Lr5 & 6) but don't want to loose what I already have either. Please advise...

      (2) Will all my catalogs be transferred as well or do I just loose these forever?

      (3) What about the presets I purchased? Will they get transferred or do I loose these?

      (4) If I have a subscription to Lr6 can I install the presets I made or will make in the future? And will the program allow me to purchase presets in the future?

      Looking forward to hearing from you- Jerry

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi Jerry,


          1. When you will install Lightroom CC, Lightroom 5 will also remain on your machine and you will have both the versions. Once, you have uploaded everything over to Lightroom CC, you can get rid of Lightroom 5.

               and you would not loose anything that you have currently.

          2. When you will launch Lightroom CC for the first time, it will ask you for upgrading your default catalog. You can upgrade all your Lightroom 5 catalog to Lightroom CC manually.

          3. Yes, your presets will be transferred over to Lightroom CC if they are supported on CC version.

          4. Yes, you can install the presets that you have if they are compatible. You can purchase presets for Lightroom CC anytime to be used.


          Let us know if you have any other queries.




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            jerryp97433002 Level 1

            Thank You for you comments, it's clearer now. I guess the only thing I don't like about this is loosing my Lr5 program & being a slave to the cloud. Thanks again & hope you have a Great Holiday.....Jerry

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              There is no "cloud" to be a slave to. Lightroom CC installs to your hard drive; all your images stay on your hard drive.

              If you choose, you can use Adobe's servers (the "cloud") to publicly display your images or to sync your images with your mobile devices, but you need to opt-into either of these services. The "cloud" part is just marketing for the most part.


              The only internet requirement With Lightroom CC is that you just need to confirm the subscription every 30.

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                jerryp97433002 Level 1

                Thanks for clearing that up...Sorry for not responding sooner to your post, dealing with a family emergency on my end that has taken over my life these days, starting to even out a bit....Thanks again