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    Send selected data from form

      Hello All,

      I have data in a datagrid and I want the user to be able to select data from it and and enter some addition info in text input boxes and then send it by clicking a submit button. What is the best way to get the selected rows from the data grid into a variable to send(somehow convert selected rows to string and put them in a text area)? Or is there a better alternative like using a list control? Ultimately the data will get sent to me in an email via a php script. Any help or insight would be appreciated!

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Use the DataGrid's dataProvider.

          When you are ready, loop over the dataProvider using selectedIndices or selectedItems. In that loop, build your string using the current loop item and the values form wherever else you need, and put the string in a variable.

          When you build the email, put that string in the body.