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    Flash and Director memory leaks?

      Hello all,

      I'm developing an Interactive Kiosk which will be running throughout the day. It's relatively simple and I'll be doing much of the coding in Flash and AS2, and using Director as the wrapper and for a few other Lingo specific features.

      That said, there will also be a fair amount of Video, High Def (720p) H.264 running as the background and as a screen saver while not in use.

      So essentially, the machine will be running a Flash app wrapped in Director for around 16 hours a day.

      Has anyone ever experienced memory leaks or other potential issues with the robustness of these two technologies together. I remember waaaaay back in the day (Director 8.5) Flash was a memory hog and seemingly slow and unreliable. Have these issues been resolved and does anyone have any experience they can share?