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    Some LR presets missing

    Cary W

      Since updating to LR 2015.3 I find that some of my presets don't show up in the Presets panel in the Develop module. Specifically, these are presets that are *loose* in the Library>Application Support>Adobe>Lightroom>Develop Presets folder on my iMac. Any that are within a subfolder show up fine. I just tested this by dragging a group of them into Develop Presets and firing up LR. They did not show up. I then created a folder for them and voila, there is the folder and the presets within it -- and this was without even restarting LR. Very bizarre. So how do I get LR to see the loose presets without putting them in new folders?


      iMac 27" 2010, 16 GB RAM, OSX 10.11.2