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    AE latest update UNSTABLE!!!

    Gutter-Fish Level 4

      Going in today to retest some audio rendering issues in AE 2015 latest attempt at a patch

      The AE start menu has stopped drawing.

      ae stat menu.jpg

      I tested this several times and noticed something new.   When I close AE the process remains active in my task manager eating up memory

      and I cannot start AE 2015 again until I manually kill the the last instance of it.

      If I try to open it without killing the old one it just adds another instance.

      To be clear. The image below is an example of what happens when I close AE, then try to re-open it.

      ae task manager.jpg

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          Gutter-Fish Level 4

          So I noticed I was having the problem with Photoshop being hung up as a background app after closing it as well.

          Tested Ai  & Ai was crashing on exit (tested 4 times)

          I rebooted windows10 and all was fixed.  AE start screen re-appeared, apps were no longer getting hung up upon exit.

          So it could be a windows problem...

          But if i had to bet I'd say it's CC problem.