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    ebook supplier list


      Why my ebook supplier (streetlib store) is not present in the list of ebook suppliers for computer authorization?

      How to get an authorization valid for ebooks previously bought by this seller?

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          Nanaky Level 5

          Choose Adobe ID for the authorize. Then enter your Adobe ID and Passwort. Download you eBook. So need the Adobe ID for read your eBooks.

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            Nuvola Level 1

            This is a real "worst case" action. The book has already been downloaded with another authorization.

            I had to deauthorize the first in favour of the second one.

            It's a time to stop this war of different authorizations coming from differents suppliers.

            Why the previous authorization shouldn't be recognized by the new coming?

            I have my computer full of usernames and passwords coming from differents purposes and different sellers.

            Great trouble to keep memory of all of them and preserve them safely.

            This is not done in favour of my safety or "global" safety, but just as a "mafia&war" behaviour of suppliers that constrains you to associate yourself to a certain chain of suppliers instead of others.

            And this depends by the main problem: every supplier "sells" the aggregate info of customers preferences as marketing statistics, the true high value return of this business. This is not safety, but simply, stupid, "marketing orienting business".

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              Nanaky Level 5

              You can try to merge you IDs: Join multiple user IDs

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                Nuvola Level 1

                I'll send the seller lists reported in multiple user IDS to my book seller (streetlib store) to verify if they are happy of that (being be forgotten from the list...)