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    some spaces omitted after conversion from x5

    Janet Havens
      I recently converted my help project from x5 to ver. 7. After the conversion, some, not all, words display merged together in the compiled help, but don't appear that way in Design mode or when previewing the topic. Normally, it happens following a word that is bold, or hyperlinked. When I look at the html, it appears to be formatted properly, In the following example the words Option Management display in bold:

      Design/Preview Display - Option Management menu
      HTML - <span style="font-weight: bold;">Option Management</span> menu
      Compiled Help - Option Managementmenu

      The only way to add the space is to insert a space prior to the /span tag. Of course, in the case of hyperlinks, this extends the hyperlink into the blank space. This happens throughout the project sporadically, and it will take me forever to try and catch all of these occurrences. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? It also appears to be happening sometimes when I cut/paste from Word.

      Thanks so much for your help - Janet