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    Anchor tags (aka "bookmarks") break in RH 7 HTML

      We use several anchor tags, aka bookmarks, to sections of our Robohelp pages.
      These URLs look like this:

      These links worked great in Robohelp 5: Question two of the FAQ page loaded at the top, inside the robohelp shell.
      Now in Robohelp 7, these anchor tags no longer work inside of the shell - the page loads at the top of the FAQ page and the #Qustion_two anchor is disregarded.

      I know that the anchor tag is there and working because when I load the page without the robohelp shell at this URL:
      Question two loads at the top of the page.

      Why did this stop working?!!? How do I fix it without changing all my URLs? This "feature" is ruining my day. Bad enough that you rename anchor tags to bookmarks, now they don't even work.