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    Tree's DragSource changes at DragDrop event handler?

    2JZ Level 1
      I try to drag a node A into node B. When the DragDrop event handler is called, the dragSource is changed to the drop source?

      I have declared the following:
      <mx:Tree ......... dragDrop="OnDragDrop(event)"....../>

      In the function:
      private function OnDragDrop( event:DragEvent ):void
      var ds:DragSource = event.dragSource;
      items = new XML( ds.dataForFormat("treeItems")[0] );

      I was expecting the "items" has a copy of the dragged item (node A). However, it has all the drop node's info (node B). How do I get teh drag and drop nodes in this event?

      P.S. I am trying to drag and drop at the same tree control. Could that be why? Is it suppose to be like this? Or, its a bug?