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    'Gears' like functionality in Air?

    Clifford Meece
      I have a flex (on flash) app that is using REST to read and write data to the server, which then gets put into a MySQL DB.

      Now, I'd like to port this app to the Air platform. On Air, I would like the app to save data locally (as an option), so SQLite will probably work fine, however, I'd also like to let it edit the same 'documents' that the flash version has access too. In theory, that shouldn't be hard, because I can make the same REST calls from Air, but how do I handle offline scenarios?

      So the use case would be the app is reading and writing data that is stored online, and then a network interruption takes place. When the app reconnects, it needs to push through it's changes. Are there example apps or suggested architectures for these use cases? I know this must be a common question, but I haven't seen a very clear answer yet.