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    Adobe Flash Player stopped a potentially unsafe operation

      Does anyone know what this is about: a popup appeared which said:
      Adobe Flash Player stopped a potentially unsafe operation
      The following local application on your computer or network:
      is trying to communicate with the Internet-enabled location:

      It then goes on to advise that if I want to allow the communication I should click on Settings.

      This sounds like a virus problem. Can anyone advise me on this?
      Thanks in advance.
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          Hi Iberg1-
          Good catch!
          I Googled both "javascript:parent.payload 1018" and "msn.server-sys.com"
          javascript:parent.... could be OK or bad (trojan from 2005), but to have it want to communicate with
          msn.server..... id'd as B-S trojan/malware (bad). Hacker stuff.
          Be on the safe side.
          Run MBAM and SAS (or your preferred malware and spyware progs) throw it into quarrantine!
          Let 'er rot!
          btw- you're famous, now in google!
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            Thanks for responding Gary. Pretty funny about the Google comment - never occurred to me. Anyway I have spent the last 2 days running many of the online scanners - Kapersky, Symantec, Macafee, (currently running Nod32) and some malware software: Adaware, SuperAnitSpyware, and some rootkit detectors and those are the ones I can remember! Issues were found (some known, some not) and 2 items pointed out were actually installed by me but did not do any damage (I looked at the registry and other places for telltale signs of virus deployment as per Symantec instructions for those flagged virus's but I was ok) however not one of the flagged items explains the javascript warning. So far my computer has been on for more than 24 hours and I have not seen any messages appear (Javascript or otherwise) - especially since I cleaned out my restore points. It looks like my installed antivirus software (TrendMicro) worked for the regular virus problems and somehow Adobe caught the javascript issue. I guess I just have to hope there is nothing going on that is getting past them. This is what I get for being a little risky lately. My antivirus and firewall software are on high alert mode for the time being and we'll see what happens from here. I take a look at the software you suggested. If you find anything else out about the javascript error let me know.
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              Hi Iberg1-
              Sorry about all the acronyms.
              Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free!)
              SuperAntiSpyware (free!)
              Trojan Remover 6.7.5 (free trial, no $ up front-good as free)
              All can be downloaded at cnet.com/downloads
              All are easy to install/uninstall.
              Good hunting!
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                I'm having the same problem that just occurred a few minutes ago.  I was watching videos on a website called Atop the Fourth Wall and when I loaded my next tab to watch another video, the video was blocked with the because of a "insecure plugin".  I've unblocked it because I never had any problems with my flash player before, so I clicked on the link that says "What's the risk?", and it took me to the Adobe Flash Player website where there's a updated version to download in a darker reddish color (version, and the top left corner tells me about the insecure plugin again, on its own webpage.  I've downloaded the new update anyway to see if there was any change...and there wasn't.  So what exactly is the deal here because I don't want to have any lethal viruses entering my computer right now if the "insecure plugin" is right, or if it's just a glitch.