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    Deleted Project By Mistake

      I accidently deleted all my projects thinking I was removing just one. Can I recover this? I did check remove from disc!
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          istrasci Level 1
          Probably, but I don't know how to do "deleted file recovery" magic... That's more of an OS-dependent question... Try searching the internet for "deleted file recovery" for your OS... I'm pretty sure Flex Buildler / Eclipse can't do anything for you in that area...
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            whiterrabbit Level 1
            I am scanning the computer now with a software I downloaded, hopefully I will find the files.

            Did not work, so I just lost 4 projects and probably my job. All I did was to control click on a project and hit delete, why the hell did Flex delete every project I had? That option should not even be possible!!!!
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              injpix Level 3
              Sorry to hear that. I can't seem to find a way to recover projects deleted directly from Eclipse.

              Anyways, you should be using some kind of version control. I use TortoiseSVN (SVN client) for SVN repositories. Unfuddle.com has free hosting for small projects, which is good to get familiar with SVN commands.

              Good luck.
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                whiterrabbit Level 1
                I'l look into that, thanks. Had I archived the projects daily it would have been enough, what I face now is not good.

                2 steps
                click to select and then control click is contrary to the way every os and software I have ever used works. Somebody ought to change this, it's an annoyance at the least.