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    Font color trouble

    City Sue
      I get inconsistent results when changing some font style colour in the style sheet (Format > Styles). There are highlight and font colours.
      (1) I notice that whaever hex colour I type in for the font, it then gets saved as the next style's highlight colour, weven tho that style seems to work ok.
      (2) I have tried to add a color for the font by seleting in the Format>Font list a hex colour such as #28517a. Tried white, transparent and auto for hgihlight colour and it just blanks out the text color. Also tried typein in a new hex color but it sometimes doesn't work. (It does work using #af0300 for font even toho highlight shows as X006898 -blue, it displays a normal background)
      selecting a standard color lie Navy works - but I need another colour.
      (3) How do I delete unwanted colors from that drop-down list of colours?