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    Problem dragging library CC items

    Евгений Гонжа Level 1

      first of all - sorry for my English - Google :-)

      I have a problem with a new cloud-based library.

      This problem only with InDesign

      I can not drag and drop objects from the library to the InDesign document

      The program displays a message that "You do not have sufficient rights or object does not exist, or the object is occupied by another program"

      I have tried to change the permissions in the Security tab (folder properties in windose) - did not help

      I found a solution to this:

      1 - run InDesign

      2 - open a new document

      3 - drag and drop objects from the library CC

      4 - I read the error message: - ((((

      5 - I swear :-)

      6 - close InDesign

      7 - repeat p.1-3

      7a - if this does not work, then I open Illustrator and drag and drop object from the library into Illustrator. And then I repeat p.1-3


      What is the problem - I do not know

      If you have a similar problem - try my recipe

      If you will - I will be happy.