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    Need help identifying effect in RH8

      I recently installed RH8. I was looking at the Help (Adobe Help Viewer 2) and found a cool effect in the Help that I would like to use in my project, but I'm not sure what it is. It looks a bit like a DHTML drop-down hotspot, except the hotspot is removed when clicked.
      Here's how it works: There is a hotspot phrase ("View full size graphic") and a small graphic underneath. When the phrase is clicked, the phrase and small graphic disappears and is replaced by another hotspot ("View small graphic") and the large graphic. So you can click back & forth, replacing the hotspot & graphic displayed each time.
      This effect can be found in the Adobe Help Viewer 2, under Exploring the workspace>Workspace overview.

      I'm not an expert, but when I've used the DHTML drop-down hotspot, the hotspot remains on the window when clicked. I also played around with the trigger/target, but I couldn't make that fit the effect either, although maybe I'm not configuring it properly?
      Hope somebody can help me.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          My understanding is that the help file is part of an application developed using Adobe Air. I could be wrong but there is no "out of the box" solution in RH to do what you want. It could be achieved by using some JavaScript. Peter Grainge's site has an article which may be useful for you.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            To add to what Colum said, I saw the post last night and quickly looked at the page. Here is my own observation after picking things apart.

            Firstly, we all need to be aware that while the page is presented using Adobe AIR, it's not part of AIR. Think of the AIR help viewer as being similar to the browser, but specialized. I believe in this case, it's kind of like a hybrid between the CHM viewer and a Web Browser. Like the CHM viewer, it's a specialized application for displaying content. But like a Web Browser, that content simply exists as a collection of pages on a server. For example, I can view the same page in my FireFox web browser using the link below:

            Click here to view

            After picking the page apart, I determined that some JavaScript is being used to provide that effect. And it's quite a neat one! The JavaScript function seems to be titled showHideImage and is found in a linked JavaScript file called help.js.

            So here's the kicker. I do not believe the page in question was created using RoboHelp. If it was, maybe this is a preview of coming attractions? If not, I would think that at least that function should be added to RoboHelp among its many DHTML effects.

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            Cheers... Rick