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    How to prepare a HTML5 banner in Adobe Edge for DoubleClick


      Hi everybody,


      I'm trying to make monthly HTML5 banners with Adobe Edge to publish them with DoubleClick. Now the company that will publish them gave me some problems they have/documents that are missing to publish with doubleclick:

      - Banners don't fulfill the SSL compliance policy needs. Banners are HTTP and not HTTPS

      - Banners are made out of loose parts and are not a whole.


      The problem is that I'm not the one that will actually publish the banners so I can't see what's necessary. So I hoped that you might know how to correctly save the banners to publish them with DoubleClick.


      One other question: I know that Google Web Designer has a function to save the banners directly for DoubleClick. Is there such a function in Adobe Animate also or will that be made in the future?


      Thanks in advance

      Kind regards,