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    Missing develop options


      Hi, just updated to LR6 after being on 3.5 for years. When it initially starts up, I can see the extra sliders etc - see below screen shot,


      however once fully loaded and I enter develop mode - I still have the basic 3.5 develop options as below




      Anyone know why this happens? and how I can get the full range of develop options back?

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom 3 used the 2010 process version, LR6 uses 2012 process version.

          Click on the lightning icon below the histogram in Develop to update to the 2012 version, and the options will become available.



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            dj_paige Level 9

            If the photo has been edited in the previous Process Version, you might not want to click on the lightning bolt or other wise change the process version, because the appearance of your image will most likely change, and you may have to re-edit your photos. If you want the appearance of the photos to remain unchanged, do not change the process version.


            New photos should definitely use the new process version, as it has many advantages over the old process version.

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              breakbeatx Level 1

              Thanks, I was hoping it was something that simple!


              Wasn't bothered about changes, as I've been trying to hold off editing this batch until I got the upgrade