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    recently changed from Windows 7 to iMac OS X - problems with LR5

    Lamorna Law

      I have recently changed from Windows 7 to iMac OS-X. Love it BUT I used to get good results printing photos from LR5 via a Canon 6350 printer. From the iMac, the results are very poor - slightly;y better if I select 'manage by printer' but still not as accurate as on Windows 7. I suspect it is a 'setting' somewhere and have been trying various things over recent weeks but no further forward - used a lot of ink and paper though!

      One thing I have noticed is that I not longer get access to any dialogues with the printer driver which I had with windows - because of 'AirPrint' perhaps but how do I get round that? I suspect that I am 'double managing' the print process - from LR5 and the printer but can see no way of turning off the printer managament

      Any ideas?