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    Camera film / Contact sheet templates




      I am putting together a photobook and want to add some pictures in the form of a contact sheet or strips of old 35mm and 120 transparency type film.


      I have 370 images going into the book some of which will be full pages (for the great images) and the others just need to be smaller.If you have any advice on where to get  template for  Indesign or a way of creating such templates I would be very grateful. The 35mm neg style would need to be say 6 images wide and the 120 neg 4 images wide but it must look like old film with the image numbers and sprocket holes that my images can be imported into, saved and then used in the book.


      The contact sheet must look like an old photographic style that used to be used in darkrooms before digital.


      Hope you can help and many thanks for looking.