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    New distribution page is not always available

    wrooot Level 1

      As Adobe is planning to ditch a freely available distribution page for installers Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe , i have made an agreement with Adobe for distributing flash player in my company's network. After completing the agreement process i've received an email with a link (www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution4.html?auth= with a unique ID). I was able to download newest installer from that page once. But the other 3 times i tried to load this page it just didn't load. www.adobe.com is loading at that point, but this unique link is not. My browser just keeps trying to load it, but nothing happens. Wonder what's the cause. I need to update Flash player in my network as soon as new version is available for security reasons, so i need a reliable source to download the installers and i thought Adobe should be the most reliable in this case.


      Also, when completing the agreement form i have checked a checkbox that i should be informed about important releases, updates. But i haven't received anything about the latest update. So i have to resort to checking that page manually (when it works). I don't understand why Adobe decided to close installers from the public access in the first place. But if you do it, do it right at least. Make the page work.


      P.S. trying to load that link right now and it just doesn't load (this time from a different PC and internet provider). In the meantime public one loads just fine.