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    When opening the file Indesign crashes


      Hello to everyone!


      I have a big problem with the Indesign file, on which I have been working for months. There was my almost finished student work, which I  have to present soon  - a book on the history of graphic design. I use CC 2014 version on Windows 8 PC and every time I try to open the file in Indesign the program crashes. It crashes even when I just open the programm, where begins the process of recovery. With other files of Indesign such things do not happen, so it is not a problem with the program, but exactly with my file. But I really need it to end finelly and present my work. 

      Please tell me what should I do in this case. Maybe someone had such experience and was able to solve the problem.
      I would be very grateful for help and advice.

      Thank you very much in advance,