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    Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS


      I've emailed an interactive PDF to myself to test out the functionality on the iPhone and iPad.  I have the Adober Acrobat Reader to view the interactive PDF, it stalls and shows the actual layers instead the transparent layers when viewing on a desktop. Are there any solutions out there? Any other mobile adobe readers that are more ideal for the interactive pdf's?

      I've the indd document but it needs to be tested as the pdf on a mobile device, to see the problem.




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          Actually I just run similar problem with interactive PDF. My interactive pdf have show/hide button, video and sound embedded. Funny thing is all those interactive working fine in PDF Expert, an app by Readdle.


          The bad thing is, my document needed to view as many reader as possible in every platform and not everyone own iOS neither want to buy PDF Expert. Of course they can view it in computer and Adobe Reader DC works fine. But today almost everyone comfort with their mobile device.


          Readdle also have free version of PDF viewer called Documents. No Android version.

          http://indesignsecrets.com/for-interactive-pdf-not-all-readers-are-equal.php From the comment here someone says it could play video. Assuming they using engine as PDF Expert then this app your best bet.