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    ADE keeps connecting wrong ID

    LieslP Level 1

      ADE kept connecting wrong ID to my e-books, making it impossible for me to read them without constantly switching between my cc ID and my e-book (older) ID. How do i stop it from automatically connecting one ID or the other?


      It gave me quite the anxiety a few weeks back when I bought some e-books on a website, opened them in ADE to transfer them to my Tolino only to have it connect the wrong ID even thought I specifically put the right one in ADE.
      (first time i put in the wrong ID, i uninstalled everything, reinstalled, connected the right ID, but i could solve this with the shop and got a new copy of the e-book, but then ADE just kept connecting the CC ID, not the correct one. luckily the store was very understanding and refunded me the e-books)