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    Turbotax completely done in Flex now?

    Ansury Level 3
      It certainly has a few very similar looking graphics, the scrollbars in particular. But if it is, they definitely did a hell of a lot of customization to make it look different in other areas.

      Looking at the html source... I have some doubts. Mentions of Ajax (although it could be Flex+Ajax I guess), no swf that I can see (unless they're using tricky javascript to put it in dynamically perhaps?), and no signs of Flash player. (I suppose right click could just be disabled to hide that-- which is an interesting aspect itself.)

      Anyway I've heard that supposedly some edition of TT is done in Flex but I don't consider "blogs" remotely close to a reliable source. Anyone hear or otherwise see anything about Flex and TurboTax? (From a reliable source or at least someone that can offer some proof?)

      Something else interesting (if it is indeed Flex) is that you're able to view PDF files right inside the "RIA"--and it seemed almost too perfectly integrated.

      I'm thinking it's probably not actually Flex, but I guess I could be wrong.