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    Overview (shortcut N) behaves different since LR CC


      Hi everybody

      When I mark some photos in the library module of LR 5.X and press "N" for a closer overview, it was still possible to tag each photo separately with an "X" or "P" in this viewing mode. With LR CC this isn't possible any more, every tag or modification is affecting the whole selection.

      Is it just me or do have others the same issue?

      Can this be reversed somehow?

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Der_Knippser,


          Keyboard shortcut N is used to enter the Survey mode in Lightroom 5.X as well as Lightroom 6.X.


          If you are in Grid view and select multiple images, by pressing P or X you will assign a Flag to all the selected images.

          If you are in Loupe view, it will only assisgn the flag to the highlighted image (the image on the screen) only.


          Hope this helps.




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            Der_Knippser Level 1

            Hi Mrinmay

            No, doesn't help :-)

            I'm using the German version of LR CC so I'm not familiar with the English names of the different modes so I try it again with shortcuts:

            I shoot small series of photos on events, means I get home with 600+ photos consisting of short series with 5-10 photos.

            In LR 5.x I selected this short series in the grid view (G) and then, to have a closer look, I press N to see only the selected images. In this N view I could select and tag each photo with X or P or make corrections as far as the library module is capable. What's nice is, with the right filter set, every tagged image disappears automatically, so the untagged rest gets resized and bigger.


            In LR CC this is not possible any more. I select some images in grid view, change the view with N and everything I do is affecting all photos I selected.