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    Logging out issues

      I have a fairly complex application with several tabs (TabNavigator) and about a dozen or so states. The application has a login function that authenticates user and the user then happily trolls around the application clicking on several tabs and entering many states. I would now like to log the user out and I am not sure how to clean all the data so taht when the user logs in again, the system does not remember everything.

      Currently, I have a poor man's solution which makes the currentState to the base state (The login page). When the user logs in, it takes the user to the tab/state that the user was last at and not the home page where I want the user to go. Is there a way in which I can reinit the app? I tried to call the same function that the app calls when it coems up for the first time using initializationComplete call. That did not work.

      Thanks much, Cheers