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    flex 2 tilelist datachangeeffect

    stinasius Level 1
      hi, i am still using flex builder 2 because i can not afford to buy or upgrade to flex 3. i am working on a project that has a tilelist component that displays images. the tilelist is populated by an arraycollection which is filtered by a user based on diffrent criteria using flex components like combobox, sliders etc. now i would like to know how i can get get the images to slide in place (like in the flexstore example) when data is filtered. i have looked over the net and all examples are of a flex 3 tilelist that uses the new itemschangeeffect that is not available in flex 2. can someone please help me on how to do this in flex 2. am new to actionscript and the flex store example is very complicated for a beginner. thanks