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    Data retrieval error in Flash


      I am having problems retrieving data from within the Flash file, over SSL(https://). When I try the same with http:// protocol there are no problems. I don't have access to the source code, but I only have the .swf file.
      I was hoping that someone on the forum would have had some problem similar to this one and possibly they can suggest some options to try out.

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          I would have guessed that the swf file was getting it's data from either an asp file or perhaps a cfm file. That's how I access databases. I use a coldfusion file to do the access to the database and then using a sendandLoad to get data back into the swf file.
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            TwiceAlive100 Level 1
            I'm not an expert on this but it may have to do with the security of Flash. I'm guessing that because you said it works over http but not https. Flash is setup security wise so that movies from http can not access https. This keeps secure information from being passed to insecure areas. So you may want to check that out (I think you have to specifically setup your movie to allow this insecure access). Hope this points you in the right direction.