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    Selection tool not working

    nancyb45368537 Level 1

      Working in inDesign CC latest version (mac cc 11.02.99 build?). When I create a new document and start working, the selection tool doesn't work. For example, I put in a rectangle using the rectangle tool, and the change handles are there, but if I click away from it, the handles disappear and the selection tool refuses to select it.


      If I open an older document and work there, it works fine, but if I create a new document and try to do things, selection tool doesn't work.


      Very disappointed. Wish I hadn't upgraded to the latest version ... things worked well before, and now I come back, and my preferences have changed, it starts in essentials rather than advanced, drawing a rectangle automatically adds a stroke. Ugh. What is going on, and when will they fix it? Anyone else experiencing this problem?


      I've just wasted the whole evening trying to get this to work, and now I won't have my project done. Can't believe things aren't tested better than this ...