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    generate html file from flex

      Hi world:

      As i said a previous email, im trying print datagrid wih flex 3 (im creating a RIA Browser), but really i have many problems.
      I tested with FlexReport, but it dont work correctly because my datagrid has many columns. That is to say, only add new pages to pdf when the number of rows excess to page size. However FlexReport dont notice that many columns is out of page and it need add new pages to pdf. Then, only it prints those columns are inside one page. I tried changing datagrid orientation but it dont work.
      Make matters worse, the FlexReport Page is not working.

      Therefore, i left aside flexReport, and i trying to follow an advice: "generate html file with tables inside and after print this page".

      Ok, then i need something as:

      <tr> <td> nombre </td>
      <td> edad </td>
      <tr> <td> roman </td>
      <td> 12 </td>
      <tr> <td> rita </td>
      <td> 15 </td>

      Where the table's content is dynamic.
      Now, my problem is: How do i generate html file from flex, with the table create from my datagrid's providers?

      I saw in web that you can open new windows wih the next:

      var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(' http://www.adobe.com');
      navigateToURL(urlRequest, '_blank');

      it's that i want it. But i dont know if i can create a web page (mypage.html) from flex, keep it in server and then call it as:
      var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(' http://localhost:80/mypage.html');
      navigateToURL(urlRequest, '_blank');

      I hope that you can help me, (how can i do it? and/or a better idea). Im really desperate, because i need to print in flex but i cannt.

      Thanks in advance,for your time and attencion.