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    Opening CSH document (RH7:WebHelp)also opens an additional intermediate window

      Opening the CSH document in RH7
      Output Type: WebHelp

      > Using the RoboHelp_CSH_ASP.cs
      It opens an intermediate window whcsh_home.htm in IE7. Is there a way I can get rid of this?
      I tried Response.Redirect("csh_help_default.htm#<id=1"), it opens the intermediate page (whcsh_home.htm) and closes in Mozilla3.0 but doesnt close in IE7.

      > Using RoboHelp_CSH.js
      The CSH document is always opened as a popup from the calling application page, but my calling app page is a processing page for resolving the Help Mapping Id and I wish to show the CSH document in the same window or else atleast close the application specific intermediate page. But by closing the application specific page the CSH document also closes. Is there a way I can show the csh document by closing the calling page?