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    Linking from mc

      I have a “book flipping pages” mc that I downloaded... and every page has a btn that links to a website…. I’ve tried different ways to make it work but all of the btns from the different pages are not working… please help! I am new to this and just don’t know what else to do!!!!
      Here it is the code…
      1- Scene1… holds a “book” mc
      2- “Book” mc holds the background, the page flips mc and the actions for the “next” “back” arrows. It also holds the mc that holds all the pages that flip, called “picture”
      3- The “picture” mc holds all of the images.. every frame hold the images representing each page. I placed a btn on each frame that should direct to a website. Here it is an example of what I have for the btns….
      (frame 1/btn1)
      on (release) {
      getURL(" http://www.cnn.com/", "_blank");
      that when I test the movie, all of the bns are directing to cnn.com (the link on the btn from the first frame…. Would you be able to direct me to what I am doing wrong?
      I really appreciate your help… I usually try to learn on my own, but I am about to giving up after several hours trying !!!!!!
      Thank you so much for your help!