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    Why won't the custom Javascript work?

    hmcka Level 1

      Hi. I am new to Edge and a little less new to Javascript. I made my first Edge animation and was able to put it into a webpage just fine. I then decided that I wanted to do an animation with customized code.


      I found this tutorial ( How to Create Random Movement in Edge Animate - YouTube ) and followed it. The animation wouldn't Preview in Browser. I did a little more research and found someplace that said I needed to import a Javascript library to Edge, so I did.


      Now, the animation will Preview in Browser, but only after I stop the script. If I Publish the project, it won't open at all in Chrome or IE.


      I am using the most recent version of Edge, and I am linking to the most recent version of JS on EdgeCommons CDN Overview .


      I think there must be something basic about getting custom code to work in Edge that I am not understanding, and if someone could explain to me what it is I would greatly appreciate it. This particular feature seems really useful, and it's one of the key reasons I want to learn Edge.