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    Flex 2 TFS Chapter 17 FDS & LCDS

    Chaos7703 Level 1
      Hello everyone.

      I've been working through this book and everything has been going great. However, I got to chapter 17 where you make the switch from static xml files (at www.flexgrocer.com/... .xml) to fetching the data from my localhost using FDS--now LCDS.

      The problem I'm having has to do with getting everything setup the way it needs to be. I already had ColdFusion installed on my Apache server from a previous book and it still works with all the projects that I've built on it. I followed the instruction in the book's appendix installing the ColdFusion extensions for Flex Builder 2. I have tinkered with the file path's in various places that the book indicated would need to be changed if I didn't use the default install location.

      I can start Apache, I can start the ColdFusion server and go into the ColdFusion Administrator (not that that helps me any), I found the jrun.exe file in two completely unrelated location and both will start without errors. However, all-in-all, between the two console windows, I see ports 8200, 8300, 8500, & 8700 listed. I can run the EComm & DataEntry applications with no noticeable difference, but when I try to run the Dashboard app I get the error:

      Error: Client.CouldNotDecode: [RPC Fault faultString="Error #1090: XML parser failure: element is malformed." faultCode="Client.CouldNotDecode" faultDetail="Unable to load WSDL. If currently online, please verify the URI and/or format of the WSDL (C:\CFusionMX7\wwwroot\flexGrocer\cfcs\aggregate.cfc?wsdl)"]

      I can't see a missed tag, I haven't found anything online where someone else seems to have had this problem, and I don't know what the file is supposed to look like, how it works, or what it does. If anyone is familiar with the book or really has their mind wrapped around how/what things are supposed to be with FDS/LCDS/WSDLs, could you give me a run-down of what files need to be pointing to what files, and various setup stuff. I would be very greatful.