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    Custom Brushes


      Come on, Adobe.... get your freaking act together. You've got a thousand different apps. It's all a huge mess of quirky, slightly-useful programs that only do one thing each. Absolutely no reason for that. How about just two or three that do what we need? There isn't even the ability in Adobe Draw to modify the brushes. What's the reason for the limitation? You already force .svg export to Illustrator CC. So, even as a free app, you can make it a lot more feature-rich. It doesn't have to do every last little thing that Illustrator can do. But, there are some GLARING omissions. And, again, a hundred different apps is the definition of marketing and programming retardation.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Pixby,


          Thanks for your comments. If you want to add some detail about what you'd like to see in Draw (or any of our other apps), I'm happy to pass that along to the team as well.



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            Diamond Point Media

            How about for starters


            • Separate the scale and rotate functions. Inevitably every time I try to scale something I end up rotating it as well. Extremely annoying!!!!
            • Add the ability to change the brushes.
            • Add the grid option to other devices besides just iPad
            • Give more options in the preferences panel. Only 2 preferences is pretty lame.
            • Add the ability to specify the artboard size.
            • Provide at least a basic shape library by default. I only see "My Library". No circle, rectangle, star, etc.
            • Add at least very basic ability to move, add, delete anchor points
            • Some sort of outline of where the eraser is would be nice. It is invisible so I can't tell where the edge of it is.
            • A rectangular eraser option would be nice.
            • Basic line drawing tools including arrowheads, dashed lines etc.


            There are probably a lot more things that I would like to see but these are the ones I have been frustrated with just TODAY. There is so much potential for this app.


            One additional feature that would be really cool is the ability to send stuff from Illustrator back to Draw so that I can take my drawing on the go with me and keep working on it.


            BTW, I'm on Android (Samsung Note 5). I've been a member of CC since almost the beginning. I have been extremely disappointed in the lack of support for Android. It is nice to see some apps coming this way for a change.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Diamond,


              Thanks for this lengthy list. We're working on feature parity across mobile platforms, so many of these features will be coming to the app soon. Regarding bringing .ai files into Draw to continue working.... that's a feature that may be down the road a bit; a lot of people ask for it but I haven't heard anything about when it may be included in the app.


              I will definitely pass all your comments along to the Draw team. And, if you have even more frustrations with the app tomorrow, please let me know. I'm happy to pass feedback along to the team whenever you have it.