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    Disk burning failure PE14




      I had premiere elements 10, and never had any issues burning a disk.   I just loaded my new PE14, made a sample movie, and tried to burn a disk.   The disk encoded, did everything, and eventually ejected the disk.   When I tried it in my DVD player, it said "please remove disk, playback option is unavailable".   I put it back in my computer to see if maybe it would play just on the computer. (like if a setting was wrong), and the disk spun up, then.......nothing.   I restarted my computer, then tried to just go into the media player, and it still wouldn't recognize the disk.


      I'm still on Windows 7, have a few projects to finish up before I commit to 10. (just in case I lose anything, or something doesn't go right)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated