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    Easy Color Swatch Replacement?


      I use a set of color coded files based on what purpose I'm using it for. Is there an easy way to apply a different swatch to all uses of the old color, without having to erase that swatch and replace it with another? (i.e. all the paragraph styles and objects that I have that are green, I want to change to orange, but I don't want to erase the green swatch completely). I tried using the search and replace, but it didn't seem to work replacing all the fills.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would do it with object styles and paragraph styles. Object styles for the fill of frames. Paragraph styles for the fill color of type.

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            Stephen_A_Marsh Adobe Community Professional

            There are many methods.


            I would probably just copy one object in the old colour swatch and then delete this colour swatch, picking the new colour swatch as the replacement, then paste in and delete the object from the clipboard to add in the old colour back to the swatch list. This should also redefine any existing styles using the new colour (if this is what you require).


            One can of course use the built-in find/change command, which works (separately) on both text and objects – this should not redefine the styles to the new colour (if this is what you require).


            Then there are some find/change colour scripts that do not redefine the styles to the new colour (if this is what you require):


            Dropbox - InDesign-Find-Change-Colour-Scripts.zip