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    PE13 - "Learn More" Link faulty


      PE13.1 on a WIN7 PC.


      First attempt to burn a project to DVD - the project is an old one from a non-HD camcorder (originally .AVI files).


      On selecting DVD as device (showed that video was just over 800 Mb) I left it to work &

      on return found that the DVD had ejected with following at top right of screen:



      I click on "Learn More" and a browser window opens with the following which seems to show that the link is faulty:




      I presume this is a bug (& that it probably won't get fixed).

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          HOTELECHOMIKE Level 1

          With the same project I tried to "burn to DVD" but this time to an IsoImage so that I could try ImgBurn for example.



            Disc (popup "No disc menus..."  I selected NO to burn without menus)


                  Burn to: ISO Image (4.7 GB)


          I set Image Name & Image Location & pressed the BURN button.


          It worked for several minutes with the progress bar moving steadily up to 98% where is sat for several more minutes (I bleieve I heard the discs rattling).

          Then its displayed a completion message.


          Trouble is - no image!  AT least not where I expected it & the search function finds no file starting with the name I gave it.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            1. If you do not have an Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher video card/graphics card, be sure to remove the check mark not to "Use Hardware Acceleration (works on Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher)" which is found Edit Menu/Preferences/General.


            2. Delete the Encoded Files Folder (by default found Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/13.0). Make sure that the is lots of free hard drive space at that Encoded Files Folder location.


            That Hardware Acceleration preference is the typical cause of the successful burn to message, but no end product to be found.

            Let us explore that first.


            Thank you.



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              HOTELECHOMIKE Level 1

              I carried out both (1) & (2) above, I also created a Disc Menu.  This producd an approx 800 Mb iso file!


              I then used ImgBurn to burn the ISO file onto a DVD.  Having had issues in the very distant past I set it to burm at 4x (nice & slow).

              Burning & verification appeared to run OK.


              I then put DVD into the DVD player (a simple Philips DVD player, several years old) & it didn't play - just sppeded up & down many times.


              Then this morning I put the same DVD into the reader of my PC & hey presto - it started to play immediately.

              We then put same DVD into the BluRay player on TV#2 & it played there as well.  Also when insrted into DVD reader of a laptop.


              Slight mystery here.


              Coming back to the graphics card in the PC (which I disabled this time as in (1) above), I know its a fairly simple onboard device: