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    Why won't Lightroom 6 apply develop settings to large batches of images?


      I need to zero all develop settings on just over 1000 images. I select all images under the Library tab and hit the "Reset All" button. That usually works, but there are times when not all images get reset and I have to do it manually. I get the same result when attempting to apply a user preset to the entire batch of images. It doesn't seem to miss only particular images...I've had the same image get the setting applied on one attempt, then not get the setting applied on a subsequent attempt. I've done this at least 5 times now and each seems to suddenly stop applying the settings starting at random places in the batch. I've gotten this to work on smaller batches of maybe 50 or so images, but that is quite time consuming and obviously not the way Lightroom is supposed to work.


      Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

      (Running LR 6.3 on Win7 Home Premium 64bit)