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    Navigator sometimes shows wrong image

    Judge62 Level 1

      I've noticed recently that sometimes, Navigator shows a different/wrong image than what is in the main display, both in the Library module as well as in the Develop module.  At the same time, when this happens, the file name listed above the film strip is wrong for the main image....but it is the correct file name for the image shown in Navigator.


      This does not always happen, but it happens often.  If I click on the main image to enlarge it, it does not fix the problem.   I can "fix" the problem if I move the mouse cursor over the correct image in the film strip at the bottom of the screen.


      I can't say with certainty, but I believe I started seeing this happen when I started using LR's HDR feature.  It does seem to happen more often with the HDR-.DNG files created with the HDR feature, but I do also see it happen on other files (RAW files....haven't really seen it on JPGs or TIFFs, yet, although I don't have too many of those).


      Has anyone else seen this?

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          Judge62 Level 1

          I forgot to mention that I have Lightroom 6, standalone version.  I did just notice as if there appears to be an update to it, so I'm downloading and installing it (thought that it did it automatically, but guess I was mistaken).  I'll see if this still happens after the update.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            Have a look at Preferences / Interface -"Show photos in Navigator on mouse-over"

            If this is checked then the Navigator shows whatever is under the mouse cursor on the film-strip, irrespective of the image in Loupe view or Develop module.

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              Judge62 Level 1

              Thanks for the response.


              I wasn't aware you could do turn that on or off; it currently is checked so that the image under the mouse cursor does show in Navigator.   However, the problem that I am having is that the Navigator image sometimes gets stuck on the wrong image.  As an example, if I have image file Test1234 as the image in the Library or Develop module, the file name might show as Test5000, and Test5000 might also be the image showing in the Navigator view, even if I put the cursor back on the main image, Test1234.  Even if I click on the main image to enlarge it, if LR is in this state, the wrong image will continue showing in the Navigator, and the incorrect file name still shows above the film strip.  I don't think the image in the Navigator is supposed to stay from the last image the cursor was over in the film strip, is it?  Even if it is designed to stay, it is inconsistent....sometimes it gets stuck; other times, it does not.  Sometimes I can "fix" it by moving the cursor back over another image (notably the correct one); sometimes I can "fix" it only by clicking on another image in the film strip.


              This happens very frequently; I just saw it happen again, and, this time, I checked off that box in Preference/Interface.  In spite of the fact that I turned it off, the incorrect image was still showing in Navigator.  As I moved the cursor through the film strip, that same incorrect image stayed there.  It only went back to the correct image when I actually clicked on the correct image in the film strip.


              Also, I did update my LR 6 software last night.  The problem is still happening.

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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                Many people have complained about flaky behavior of the Navigator, since at least LR 4.  Please add your vote and the details above to this bug report in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom: Navigator preview pane shows wrong photo.  That will make it a little more likely that Adobe might finally pay attention to the issue.

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                  Judge62 Level 1

                  Thanks, John.


                  I have seen a few flaky problems with Navigator before LR 6 (I've had LR since version 1), but, frankly, I just haven't paid much attention to them.


                  This time, with LR 6, it's really bad.  The problem for me isn't so much that the wrong image appears in Navigator; the problem is that the file name above the film-strip is incorrect when this happens.  I sometimes makes notes of that file name if I want to do something with it later, and if I have the wrong file name, I might do something I don't want to to the wrong file.  Plus, since it happens so often, now, it's just a nuisance if I happen to look at the Navigator panel and see something different than the image I want.  I have "fixed" the problem by unchecking that box in the Preference/Interface dialog, as wobertc suggested, but that doesn't fix the underlying issue.


                  I'll enter a bug report.  Thanks for the link.