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    Program to fill out PDF Form

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      I want to look at the feasibility of doing the following pragmatically:


      1. A user emails in a ID number, which triggers a program to grab the ID number from the email and do a query against a database and return a name, address and a few other attributes.


      2. These attributes then need to be put into a PDF version of a form in the correct place - again all done pragmatically.


      3. At this point the form could either be saved or sent to a printer.


      Again all this needs to be done with a program. Its early days yet, but what language would be good for this sort of thing, libraries would I need etc.


      Could be done in either Windows or Linux.


      Looking forward to suggestions.





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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It is certainly not possible with Acrobat JavaScript. You will need some kind of custom-made stand-alone tool to do that. I think the most tricky part would be to monitor the incoming emails and query the DB.

          In short, it's probably possible, but since it can't be done with Acrobat it goes beyond the scope of this forum.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            I have a general comment. Monitoring incoming emails is indeed the tricky part, and the least reliable. Have you considered a web page trigger instead which runs a CGI/ASP/PHP/other web script? That is the normal approach to triggering events. Email would be used only when connecting to a web page is impossible, but email can get through (e.g. some corporate settings, antarctic weather stations...)