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    Feature Request: Retiming / Speed Change

    KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

      I thought I asked before, but maybe it was just in discussions with bronwyn-lewis and Kevin-Monahan.

      At any rate, they both know it's something Premiere Clip users would like to have, but now it's officially posted. 

      If you'd like it too, vote it up!


      Feature Request:


      Regular request:

      Speed Change.

      The ability to speed up a clip of video in the timeline.


      Slightly more difficult:

      Time Reverse.

      The ability to make a clip of video play in reverse (both -100% and sped up values in reverse)


      Wicked hard. Hella awesome:

      Speed ramps. Allow users to edit an overlay curve editor that would change the speed over time. a la TimeRemapping.


      The speed change would not modify the original video, but would be applied in the XML.  PremierPro would be able to read the sequence with the properly retimed clips.