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    Windows 10 32bit


      I am running PS and LR on a Mac Pro under Windows 10 / Bootcamp.


      When I installed Windows 10 I choose to use the 32bit option due to some old programs. Accordingly I have installed the 32bit versions of PS and LR, both CC Versions. This does not seem to be a happy solution. When I am working With DNG files from my Leica Q LR does not succed in exporting all selected files to jpg, and present some strange Message about RAM in the machine. The same happens when I work with PS, trying to store files.


      It is quite obvious to me that both PS and LR have problems with this RAM issue, and I have to ask, does the Adobe Developers not know that Win10/32bit only supports some 2Gbyte RAM, and that they accordingly should limit the RAM usage of these programs? It also seems that the programs are not very capable of freeing RAM, because the problem is from time to time solved by quitting and restarting the program.


      So the question, is my only option to install Win10 64bit? And further, may I download PS and LR in 64bit verions at no further cost?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LR6 / CC2015 is not available in a 32Bit version, only 64Bit.

          32Bit OS's limit RAM to 4GB (theoretically) and to 3GB (practically). There is no way around this border.

          You can download every main x (x.y) version you like for Mac or Windows at no additional cost.

          When you currently have a 32Bit version you seem not to be on the latest CC 2015. You may be using 2014 and you can update to the latest 2014 using the update functions or the usual downloads after a re-installation. You need a 64Bit OS to be able to update to the latest CC2015.

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            bjorneinNorway Level 1

            I like the part that the solution is downloadable at no extra cost, What i dislike is that the 32bit Versions of PS and LR actually dont work on Win10 32bit systems. But I gues that I have to upgrade.

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              F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              They actually should work on W10 too. You need to make sure that W10 gets as much RAM as possible and that no other applications are running at the same time.

              I'm not a Mac guy, so I don't know if there are any option in Bootcamp to adjust the amount of RAM W10 gets.


              btw: I don't see any reason nowadays to use a 32Bit OS - I did not come across an application that did not run on 64Bit OS  lately (in 32Bit Mode of course).