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    When I add page numbering, images on a couple of my pages disappear. Why?


      So at work I created a 15 page document in Word which contained images taken with the Windows 10 Snipping Tool as well as text, and converted it to PDF.


      I then added in two additional pages to the document from another source so I now have a 17 page document.


      I now want to add page numbering to the whole document, which has none as I didn't number the pages in Word originally as I knew I had to add in the extra two pages.


      I have Adobe Acrobat X Standard, and Go Tools > Header & Footer > Insert Page Numbering, I select my required format, location on page (bottom right), bring up the options and check the box to "shrink page so that text and graphics aren't written over", shrink all the margins to "0" and hit OK.


      As soon as I hit OK, on two out of the 17 pages the images disappear off the page and don't re-appear anywhere else. The text remains in exactly the same spot as before.


      These two pages are pretty full and have images on the left hand side of the page and text wrapped tightly to the right of both images.  Both of these pages when created in Word had "Narrow" margins.


      Is there any way to get the page numbering to go on the document without the images disappearing?