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    How to scale an object and also scale the effects (transparencySettings)?

    t23gagzg Level 1

      I'd like to scale an object via scripting but also scale the effects, currently my resize doesn't do that. My effects are TransparencySetting: drop shadow, inner glow, outer glow.

      For example using the following does not work:

      pdf.resize(CoordinateSpaces.innerCoordinates, AnchorPoint.topLeftAnchor, ResizeMethods.multiplyingCurrentDimensionsBy, [pointSizeScale, pointSizeScale]);


      I have to resize effects I have to manually for example:

      thisObj.transparencySettings.dropShadowSettings.xOffset = dSXYOffset*pointSizeScale;
      thisObj.transparencySettings.dropShadowSettings.yOffset = dSXYOffset*pointSizeScale;
      thisObj.transparencySettings.dropShadowSettings.size = dsSize*pointSizeScale;


      Thanks in advance!!