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    After effects CC 2015 screen refresh issues while region of interest is opened

    Nenad Cocic



      I posted this issue to Adobe two times now via bug report, but both times I havent got any kind of response, help, acknowledgment via mail that I actually submitted anything and I cant find that particular report anywhere on adobe site.

      I also tried googling up this issue but couldn't find anyone complaining about this. But that might be because region of interest might not be a tool that lots of people uses.


      I am working in gaming industry. Using After effects to create game assets, animations, etc....and also using AFX to export final assets for developers. I am using Region of interest a lot during this process.


      My issue is present in all AE CC 2015 versions, starting with the first one and is present in the last version. In CC 2014 this works fine, and in all computers in studio that have CC 2015 issue is exactly the same as in my computer. Also tried it at my computer at home and it is the same.

      At one time I had both CC 2014 and 2015 installed and in first one it was fine and in the 2015 it was buggy


      Problem manifests like this. When region of interest is activated, and I draw a region rectangle. When I click and hold on one of the edges of the region, at the same time entire screen is gone and is not refreshing until I let go of the mouse button. So when I want to precisely crop and export some graphcis from a composition, I need to click the edge, drag it and blindly let it go and then see if its positioned properly. If not I need to move it again, blindly again.

      I tried changing graphics card drivers, changing fast previews to final, adaptive, tweaking lots of preferences stuff but it is the same every time.


      This isn't exactly a critical issue, and is not compromising a application stability, but it is annoying nevertheless. This process is taking up more time then it should.

      Bellow are the screenshots I submitted to Adobe during bug report. It is a presentation of how it looks like.



      Can anyone else confirm if you have this issue, and if you do have it and found a solution.

      I was hoping that if I post a discussion here and lots of people confirm it maybe Adobe would do something about it.

      I have to say that CC 2015 is one of the worst and least stable/functional After effects versions I have every worked with. So many bugs that are wasting time and energy.




      Nenad Cocic