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    How to replace Nth Number of word in a PDF document by JavaScript?

    andyl17361417 Level 1

      I want to delete the last 19 words of each page for a PDF document, they appear as header in the document (e.g. ETMF Copy of: 270.01 - 2013-01-30 | Active | 10-Dec-2015 10:07:35 PM), how can I do it by JavaScript in Acrobat 9?


      I know "getPageNthWordQuads",  "this.addAnnot({type:"Redact"..." and "this.applyRedactions" can replace the text with white by applying redactions, but unfortunately there is useful text overlapping with the text I want to remove.


      The test document can be downloaded by the link below, thanks a lot!



      Extract Code: a4ip