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    Import from SD card does not save files on HD, but references only on SD card after import.


      Hi - for some reason, files from my SD card imported to lightroom, but referencing only back to the SD card itself and not as files within the usual library on my macintosh HD. Obviously, when I eject the SD card from my iMac, lightroom doesn't know where the files are anymore. I tried removing from LR and importing again but the same thing happened. I have also saved the DCIM on desktop and tried importing from there, but again, it imports files straight to My Cataog in LR which means I have to keep my SD card in. I've been using LR for some time and this is the first time it has happened. I imported files from another SD card afterwards, and all worked as it should. I really want to ensure my original files are where they should be on the HD and in LR, so I can safely eject my card and not lose my files. Can anyone tell me how to go about this please?